Balustrade Design Brisbane

Balustrading has become a big part of society in the last 50 years. There is effective balustrade which ultimately keeps us safe from harm and there is exceptional balustrading that brings Hollywood to the suburbs of Brisbane!

All our products are designed, manufactured and engineered aiming to exceed your expectations. We have a range of systems and can customise any design depending on your project needs and desired outcome. Talk to us about your next project’s balustrade requirements and budget to allow us to provide you with some suitable options.

Balustrade Systems :

  • Aluminium Balustrade
  • Stainless Steel Balustrade
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade
  • Semi – Frameless Glass Balustrade
  • Structural Galvanised Steel Balustrade
  • Proprietary Systems
  • Stand-off Systems with Optional Face fix Stainless brackets for a top quality finish
  • Laminate or Coloured Glass
  • An Assortment of Hand Rail Options from Stainless Steel to Aluminium
  • Steel Balustrade

Balustrade Styles - Aluminium & Steel:


Balustrade Styles - Glass:


Balustrading Regulations:

  • The Key Requirement is that balustrade must be constructed in such a way that a person cannot fall through or over it.
  • No Gap greater than 125mm in sphere so as to a child not being able to get through any gaps.
  • Balustrades in accordance with 1170.1 should be structurally adequate to withstand a point load 0f 0.6kn and an evenly distributed load of 0.4kn applied downward, upward and outward on the handrail thus glass span and handrail fixing points will be in accordance with volume of passengers required to use stair.
  • We Eliminate any climb zone from 150mm to 760mm to enable total safety.

The Fabrication Company’s balustrade systems set us apart from others with detail, strength and visuals, right down to quality of welds.


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