The Fabrication Company’s number one priority and absolute commitment above all other influences is one of safe delivery.  Our commitment to following health and safety practices is not only made to our clients and workforce, but also extends to all those individuals and other external organisations that may at any time interface with, or, be exposed to The Fabrication Company business activities and operations.

Being “Risk Aware,” is the foundation of The Fabrication Company’s entire approach to the management of Health and Safety within their business. The Fabrication Company has therefore implemented a Health and Safety strategy that has at it’s heart the concepts of a “Sensible” approach to Health and Safety, and, demonstrable continual improvement.

The Fabrication Company believe that sensible Health and Safety awareness and effective training programmes are the key in ensuring that management, staff and operatives can deliver on their service priorities whilst ensuring the risks are managed in a proportionate and legal matter.

The aim of our strategy is to deliver improvements to the capacity for The Fabrication Company to identify and handle risk effectively, by creating and implementing an effective performance management framework and reporting structure, that will enable it to demonstrate continual improvement in the management of Health and Safety, and the contribution such improvements have made to the overall handling of risk avoidance mitigation.

Having been endorsed by the Managing Director, The Fabrication Company’s strategy supports the implementation of The Fabrication Company’s Health and Safety Policy, providing the direction and focus for the effective management and improvement of Health and Safety Performance across all areas of our business activities.

The Six Principle health and safety aims of the company are to :

  1. Build a “Sensible Health and safety’ branding into the company’s health and safety culture
  2. Improve the way that health and safety performance is measured monitored and recorded
  3. Ensure that all people involved in delivery of the company’s services have the appropriate levels of competency to address their Health and Safety Responsibilities
  4. Ensure that when the company contracts out work to other organisations the occupational health and safety risks are properly considered and satisfactory addressed
  5. Develop leadership skills for all managers and supervisors that improve the Health and Safety performance of the business
  6. Ensure that the company is a “learning” organisation by improving the way health and safety incidents are recorded, investigated and how lessons learnt are communicated

By successful implementation of The Fabrication Company’s health and safety strategy and policy, The Fabrication Company will maximise the wellbeing of it’s workforce and ensure the safe and successful delivery of it’s projects